About us

We want to be a catalyst for a sustainability breakthrough that the world desperately needs:


We believe that companies, institutions and economic and societal actors play a key role in this change. We support companies, institutions and public actors in identifying, measuring and reporting on their impacts to nature and natural values. Truly sustainable and responsible business that is one that is not done at the expense of nature.

Luontoa Consulting's experts have decades of experience in combining sustainable business and nature goals. With our own work, we want to ensure that future generations also have a viable planet where both nature and people are thriving.

Our services

We offer companies and other organizations versatile responsibility services. Our core competences are companies' nature and biodiversity impacts and connecting environmental and social responsibility.

Whether you are just taking the first steps on your responsibility journey or are a front runner of the industry, we will help you take the next step!

Aari Metsä Oy, CollectiveCrunch and Luontoa are developing a new tool for more efficient detecting and monitoring of forest biodiversity. The tool responds to companies' growing sustainability reporting needs and helps investors to manage risk.
The green transition is causing increasing pressure for new land use projects in Sápmi (Saamiland), in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Numerous projects related to wind power and mining are being planned and initiated.
Tarvitsemme suuria muutoksia liiketoimintamalleihin ja niitä ohjaaviin kulutustottumuksiimme, jotta planeettamme säilyy elinvoimaisena tulevillekin sukupolville. Toimien hitaudessa vedotaan usein datan tai ymmärryksen puutteeseen, ja edellä kuvatut edistysaskeleet tekoälyn hyödyntämisessä vauhdittavat tältä osin positiivista kehitystä.
Diversity is the lifeblood of the forestry sector – strengthening it is vital as it is […]
Strategy and communications expert Pirita Näkkäläjärvi has started as an advisor to Luontoa. In her work, Pirita focuses on combining corporate responsibility with corporate financial targets.
Research: There is still much to be done in promoting diversity and inclusion in the forest […]
Docent, conservation biologist and university lecturer Panu Halme has started as an advisor at Luontoa Consulting.
The theme of this year’s Helsinki Pride Month is Joy and Riot. Pride has its roots precisely in rebellion. The movement began when a group of people no longer agreed to remain silent in the face of discrimination, arbitrariness and outright violence against sexual and gender minorities.
Together, biodiversity expert Luontoa and Miltton offer a completely new category of sustainability services in the field of biodiversity combining strategic advice with concrete nature work.