Aari Metsä, CollectiveCrunch and Luontoa are developing a new tool for more efficient detecting and monitoring of forest biodiversity. The tool responds to companies’ growing sustainability reporting needs and helps investors to manage risk.

The joint project develops new methods for the quantification and tracking of biodiversity in forests. The solution serves operational forest planning and responds to the new EU reporting requirements under development.

In Finland, information on the diversity of forests is collected through field inventories, from remote sensing data, and with harvest machines in connection with operations. Artificial intelligence models that combine different data sources enhance the understanding of underlying biodiversity and enables more sustainable forest management.

Forests have traditionally been a stable and predictable investment. Now climate change introduces significant new risks, requiring new thinking and management. The partners are bringing an analytical approach that enables investors to take these new risks and opportunities into account as part of asset management and risk management.

“For our forest investors, responsibility and the promotion of forest diversity are central when evaluating their investment and forest management. Promoting forest biodiversity requires working metrics and reliable methods. Our partnership provides a cost-effective solution that supports sustainable operational activities,” says CEO Mikael Beck from Aari Metsä Oy.

“For CollectiveCrunch, modeling biodiversity is a natural continuation of our product development work, where we have modelled forest inventories, forest stress and more. Securing and improving biodiversity, while enabling commercial forestry is an important goal and a great business opportunity,” says Mika Korvenranta from CollectiveCrunch.

Luontoa brings corporate responsibility and ecological know-how to the project.

“We support the forest sector in implementing a sustainability breakthrough in the operating environment. Avoiding the loss of biodiversity creates resilience and helps managing financial risks. Measuring and monitoring the diversity of forests is an important part of the whole. We combine the latest science-based ecological information to support the economic utilization of forests.” Luontoa’s Lauri Moisander tells.

For additional information, please contact:

Lauri Moisander
Partner, Senior Consultant
050 382 6912

Mika Korvenranta
Chief Product Officer
040 634 9887

Mikael Beck
040 061 8859

Photo by Ma Ti on Unsplash

Luontoa Ltd– is an agile and expert partner for organizations of all sizes in implementing sustainability breakthroughs. We know the requirements of corporate responsibility and the latest ecological information, and we know how to reconcile them with business goals.

Aari Metsä Ltd – focuses on the acquisition and management of forest farms, taking nature values into account. Our customers are forest owners, for whom the economic yield of the forest is important, but not at any price. Our forest management model combines a balance between financial return, biodiversity, carbon sequestration of forests and recreational values.

CollectiveCrunch Ltd – is a leader in AI for forestry, working with 8 of the Top 10 forestry firms in the Nordics to drive innovation in forestry. Our solutions cover 25 million hectares of our customers’ forests and provide forest inventory solutions, early-stage bark beetle detection and more.