Luontoa Consulting begins cooperation with Nordic consultancy Miltton

Together, biodiversity expert Luontoa and Miltton offer a completely new category of sustainability services in the field of biodiversity combining strategic advice with concrete nature work. 

“Biodiversity is becoming an increasingly important topic in society and in the sustainability work of organizations, which are under increasing pressure to understand their own nature dependencies and impacts. That’s why we have entered cooperation with Luontoa. Our joint offering is unique in our market thanks to the distinct strengths of our companies,” says Terhi Koipijärvi, Miltton’s Senior Advisor. 

Biodiversity is deteriorating at a dangerous rate and nature loss has become a significant threat to all of humanity. It’s time for companies to wake up to their relationship with nature now in order to secure their own future. 

This partnership between Luontoa and Miltton combines a strong understanding of nature with business strategies, value creation, management, communication and marketing. Impactful nature work requires a combination of different perspectives. 

“While climate issues have risen to the forefront of most companies’ sustainability programs and business, many organizations have only just begun to understand the connections between business and biodiversity. Our partnership meets this need,” says Luontoa Consulting’s CEO Inka Musta

Companies are at different stages, but this topic affects everyone. The first step is to understand how biodiversity affects your business, and how your business affects nature in turn. After this, clear goals and metrics can be set for the company’s nature work, and properly planned actions can be taken to improve the company’s impact on nature. 

In addition to strategic goal setting, biodiversity work requires concrete action. Luontoa has excellent capabilities for this thanks to the extensive experience of its experts. The company’s founding trio, Inka Musta, Johanna Haapala and Lauri Moisander, have solid experience in managing sustainability and measuring nature values.

Miltton’s growing corporate sustainability services, on the other hand, connect biodiversity more broadly to corporate sustainability and business development. 

Inka Musta, Co-Founder & CEO, Luontoa Consulting


Eeva Taimisto, Director, Sustainability & Communications, Miltton